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SeekingSitters membership is valid nationwide.  Each SeekingSitters member is provided with an efficient online account providing the ability to manage your home location, make a sitter request, view the babysitting team and set sitter preferences. 

A local owner is always available for your needs.  Local owners work to make sure that the most qualified and reliable sitters are available for your sitting needs.  Community is important to SeekingSitters and each local office is actively involved in their community. Check out the community events area to learn more.

Click the links above to find local pricing and policies as well as meet the local owners.

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SeekingSitters Amarillo families can rely on a local manager to personally work for them by finding a Certified Professional Sitter for their specific need.

SeekingSitters Amarillo provides convenience to busy families by offering online services for scheduling, invoice tracking, and sitter profile review.

And most importantly, with SeekingSitters Amarillo you know you are using a service you can Trust. All Certified Professional Sitters have extensive experience and have been thoroughly background screened. Only the most qualified are accepted into the SeekingSitters Amarillo Sitting Team.

SeekingSitters Amarillo offers Babysitting, Pet Sitting, House Sitting, and Study Support

SeekingSitters is proud to be featured in broadcast and print stories across the United States. Visit our online newsroom to see some of our national and regional coverage. Also find a link to our online press kit with everything you need to know about SeekingSitters. Read all news

Continuous staffingof experienced pre-screened sitters to meet the needs of our families.

Comprehensive background checkson sitters before accepting them as a Certified Sitter.

Memberscan request onlineor call in and SeekingSitters schedules a Certified Sitter for you!

"Meet the Sitter!"Access to Sitters's photos and child care experience online.

Easeof paying & tracking sitting Services by using your Credit Card.

Membershipvalid at all SeekingSitters franchise locations.

Simple Sign-up!Sign-up online and start requesting sitters today!

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